Series 1 Wall Mount MSL-SL116W


Product Overview

The MSL Series 1 is the ideal minor procedure and examination light for any healthcare environment. Multiple mounting configurations are offered in this comprehensive and high quality range.  Locally manufactured in-house from premium grade materials, it is a durable purpose built design to assist the user that requires exceptionally good light.

With a sweep of 2200mm the Series 1 wall model maintains full patient coverage with the space saving design that can be folded back to the wall when not in use.

A strong counter balanced arm design allows for effortless repositioning and is drift free.


  • LED light technology – 1 x 10W.
  • Counter balanced arm movement.
  • Optional power cord with Hospital Grade Plug – to specify add /FP
    Note: Length of cord must be specified at time of order.

Technical Data

Light Source – compact LED module comprising 7 LEDs, driver and lens specifically designed for medical lighting tasks.
Wattage – 1 x 10W.
Dimming – 4 stage electronic dimming.
Illumination – 51,500 lux @ 600mm – 23,000 lux @ 1000mm
Light Source Average Life – 35,000-50,000 hours.
Beam Diameter – 89.7mm* @ 600mm – 133mm* @ 1000mm
(* measured at 50% of peak value).
Colour Temperature – 4213°K.
Colour Rendering Index – CRI 95. In addition the LED module has a high ‘Special CRI R9’ value (deep saturated red, not included in normal CRI calculations). For medical examination lighting tasks this R9 value is a key issue in diagnosis and accurate tissue identification. The MSL- SL116W complies with the Cyanosis Observation Index (COI), meeting the requirements of AS/NZS 1680.2.5:1997 for examination lighting
Cardiac Protection – compliant.
EMC – compliant.
Voltage – 36 V DC.
Weight – 9 kg.

Visual Overview

SL116W Technical Data